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Smart Toddlers Prep is a Toddlers Morning Out and Preschool Program serving toddlers 2 - 3 years of age and Pre-Kindergarten children age 4. 
We offer an atmosphere of fun and interactive learning.  Our diverse curriculums consist of a combination of station-to-station, hands-on, student discovery as well as teacher-directed learning and activities.

Additionally, Smart Toddlers Prep is in the process of acquiring certification as a healthy green school. This will enable us to provide the best physical environment possible for our students and staff, encourage and support environmentally responsible practices, and foster an appreciation of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle among future generations.

Call to schedule a site visit and discover how Smart Toddlers will enrich your child's educational and social development, while encouraging a lifetime of learning.

***In need of aftercare, please contact us regarding nanny service!***
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